Alan shearer once decided to choose Blackburn and Newcastle over the likes of Manchester United and he still went on to establish his name as one of the finest goal scorers in the history of the Premier League.

The English man remains one of the very few professionals who had it in them to swagger up no matter what team they found themselves in. to such players talk of acclimatization often seems alien to them.

Although the Red Devils didn’t get their longed jewel, they did enjoy of fair share of a player like him in the person of Eric Catona. The French man arrived from Leeds United to oversee the earliest success of Sir Alex Fergusons fledglings.

Not even Ferguson who never appreciated the show biz side of his wards could put a lid on the French man’s extrovert tendencies. Kicking a fan that led to the lengthy ban of the player who stubbornly insisted in enjoying his time on the pitch with raised collars couldn’t step down the fondness with which the Theatre of Dreams walls still have for him till this day.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is obviously another player cut from the cloth of footballers who are bold enough to wear their ego on their sleeves. Even the earliest of his interviews as a mesmerizing Norseman-like striker has him on tape saying he doesn’t see himself as an ordinary man

After being deemed too old at PSG, the Swede surprised everyone by deciding to join the last league anyone labeled as physically slowing down should – the Premier League.

As it turned out come the end of the season, the joke was on those who wrote him off earlier as the former Barca man had United trembling when he picked up a season ending injury after proving a 35-year old can still guarantee a 20+ goal in a season.