Hull City’s Harry Maguire is being linked with Newcastle United

The English League Championship is reaching it’s end and Newcastle United appears to be on their way of securing the 2nd spot of the English competition.

It’s rumored that the head coach Rafael Benitez is already looking beyond the current season and thinking about how he can strengthen his squad and prepare for the very possible promotion to the Premier League.

Competing in the English Premier League is certainly not something new for Newcastle United as they were competing in the top tier league during the season of 2015-16 but were relegated after having to settle with the 18th spot.

In order to strengthen his squad and avoid another relegation from the Premier League, Rafael Benitez is looking around the football market for possible signings that could arrive to Newcastle United during the approaching summer transfer window and Harry Maguire of Hull City is turning into a candidate.

Harry Maguire is a 24 year old English defender who has turned into an influential player in Hull City as he is a regular starter and trying to help his club avoid the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League.

It’s believed that Harry Maguire has a price tag in the region of £12 million but this a fee that Rafael Benitez is willing to pay for a player that has recently been praised as someone who is a worthy defender in the air as well as tactically adaptable.

He has been impressing managers and players in this season and one of those football figures who has been dazzled is Rafael Benitez as the Spanish manager coach wants to have a player with the characteristics that Harry Maguire has displayed in this Premier League season of 2016-17.