Newcastle should not panic

Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez has stated that the club should not panic at this stage.

He said that it is still the start of the season and that there is still plenty of games left in the competition. He stated that he would make changes ahead of the next game because he is not satisfied with the way his team is playing at the moment.

Rafael Benitez stated that he does not understand the performance of his players on the pitch. The Spanish manager stated that the player performs well in training but are not able to replicate the same performance in a competitive game.

After the defeat against Huddersfield Town, Rafael Benitez said that it was a challenging match. He stated that they did not expect this performance from their opponents and that they were difficult to break down. However, he admitted that Newcastle did not play well and that they could have done better. He said that in the second half the players improved but it was not enough.

Rafael Benitez said that fans have the right to be worried as they were expecting more from the team. He stated that there is no reason to panic and that there is still time for the team to recover. He said that the good thing is that the team is playing well in training and that sooner or later they will be able to bring the same form in the league. He has asked fans to remain behind the team and to continue supporting them.

Rafael Benitez has said that he will assess each player individually and will make changes ahead of the next game if needed. For the time being, he wants the team to remain united and to make sure that they give their best in each match.