A former player of Newcastle United, Joe Allon expressed his disappointment with the transfer of French international Moussa Sissoko away from the club.

Sissoko moved to Tottenham Hotspur in a bid to remain in the Premier League after the Magpies were relegated last term.

Allon developed with the youth team at Newcastle. From the FA Youth Cup win, featuring alongside players like Paul Gascoigne, he moved to other clubs.

He was in action for Swansea, Chelsea and Hartlepool. Allon was overcritical of the move of the player, following his stunning run at the Euro 2016 campaign.

“Sissoko’s attitude during his time at Newcastle has been a disgrace – absolutely deplorable. His actions on transfer deadline day when it looked like he might be going to Everton before ignoring them were even worse,” Allon said. Sissoko moved to White Hart Lane for £30million on transfer deadline day in a surprise move, though he was linked to many clubs.

Allon admitted that Sissoko is a good player, and that he showed his abilities at the continental tournament, but added that the club “deserved better” since they only saw that kind of form twice in a season.

“I had to laugh on deadline day when one Everton fan tweeted saying that Sissoko had gone missing. Newcastle fans weren’t missing their chance with that one and many quickly replied with words to the effect of ‘He’s been missing for years’. That pretty much sums his Newcastle career up,” Allon said.

Allon revealed that he was glad that Sissoko was gone, saying he didn’t deserve to wear the Magpies jersey. He praised the club for being able to get that much in transfer fee for the player, adding that he was optimistic of the chances following changes so far.